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I am a German painter and graphic artist living and working in Leipzig, Germany. Please view my work displayed in German here: - artwork -

You are welcome to contact me in English under following email for any additional information:

admin (at)

Short biography

1941 born in Bydgoszcz
1960-62 studies at Dresden University of Visual Arts (Prof. G. Horlbeck)
1962-65 studies at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (Prof. H. Wagner, calligraphy under Prof. I. Horlbeck-Kappler)
1963 art price of the city Zwickau
1965 graduation (Degree: Diplom)
1969 until today working as a self-employed artist (painter and graphic artist)
1971 joined the Organization of Visual Artists in East Germany
2006 published artist biography "Matthias Klemm - Work of 4 centuries" (Passage Verlag)
2007 Webpage "Matthias Klemm - Painter and Graphic Artist" went online
2007 200th Solo exhibition at the Kreuzkirche, Dresden, Germany

Working areas

Graphics, calligraphy in free graphical design, printmaking (lithography, etc.), portrait, collage, work on structures (sgraffito, wallpaintings, stained glass windows, etc.)
Since 1968 multiple solo exhibitions across East Germany and since 1981 also outside East Germany.
Artwork in public and private ownership in Finland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Switzerland and Germany.